Welcome to my Blog! I am a playwright, a storyteller, and a solo performer. I travel the world encouraging other people to tell their stories. Stories can transform, make us laugh, heal, and provide meaning. On January 13, 2015, in a small government office in China, I became an adoptive mom. This is our story.

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Permanency is Fleeting

Do you remember the first job you ever had? Mine was at Blockbuster Video. Remember video stores? Though of course I had done my fair share of babysitting and camp counseling Blockbuster Video was my first “corporate job.” I remember so vividly standing at the front of the…

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The Power of a Noun

I remember the day of my Madeira graduation. I woke early, carefully dressed, then came downstairs in my pearl button, cream colored dress with matching shoes. “Good morning  graduate!” my father called as he flipped pancakes – indulging the family in a special commemorative breakfast in my honor. Graduate. I…

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