Welcome to my Blog! I am a playwright, a storyteller, and a solo performer. I travel the world encouraging other people to tell their stories. Stories can transform, make us laugh, heal, and provide meaning. On January 13, 2015, in a small government office in China, I became an adoptive mom. This is our story.

Let Me Tell You a Story/Well Meaning Strangers

Cocktail Conversations and the Adoption Process

“But really? You actually went to China?” The host annunciates my son’s birth country elongating the vowels to sounds like Cheyeneeya. “I had a friend who adopted. Went over on a plane expecting one and she came back with two! Did you come back with two?”

I take a deep breath. The urban legend of adopting two children rather than one (which USCIS would have a field day with) and getting pregnant immediately after adoption (which medically speaking is equal odds whether you adopt or not) seems to particularly haunt me at cocktail parties.  But part of my job as an adoptive parent is to educate. You never know why someone might be asking the question. Maybe they are curious. Maybe they want to understand your story. Or maybe they are asking for a friend, or perhaps themselves.

In truth, the adoption process is a wacky, wacky journey. You feel at once like Alice tumbling down the rabbit hole and like you’re trapped in the film “Groundhog’s Day” having to answer the same questions and collect the same paperwork over and over again. You tire of being “paper pregnant” as others around you form their families and welcome new additions. You fret about timelines, government closings and attachment issues. But the moments you will experience…. They will be worth every single step of the journey.

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