Welcome to my Blog! I am a playwright, a storyteller, and a solo performer. I travel the world encouraging other people to tell their stories. Stories can transform, make us laugh, heal, and provide meaning. On January 13, 2015, in a small government office in China, I became an adoptive mom. This is our story.

LTC Productions

I will never forget the day I learned the true power of story. I was standing in a double-wide trailer in the panhandle of southern Virginia. I watched as my friend Victoria shared a story from her childhood and in her sharing, she helped heal a woman whose only son had tragically died the month before. I knew then and there I wanted to work in story.New Logo - Person

LTC Productions is dedicated to empowering individuals to tell their stories. LTC Productions offers performances, workshops, and residencies to both educational institutions and organizations.

Performances range from intimate storytelling events to my critically acclaimed award-winning show, Appearance of Life,  most recently seen off-Broadway.

Workshops feature the Collective Story Method. The Collective Story Method™ (CSM) is built upon my now decades of work in empowering individuals to tell their stories. CSM is designed to focus first on the personal, then the individual in relation to the collective, and finally on the collective as a whole. I have used this method with students to help build understanding and compassion in their immediate communities. And I have used this grassroots approach to help companies, organizations, and communities form and live their mission statements through the power of putting story into action.

Everyone has a story to tell. It’s my mission to help you share it.

Want more information? Visit me and my company at: www.LetterstoClio.com